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Kash Duniya Computer Hoti



5xny4jo.jpg anime computer girl image by KatashaHunt
Kash dunya Computer hoti
Jis mein Do ko Undo karti
computersmiliegif-1.gif Computer smiley image by joybelle5508
Sukh kay lamhay Save ho jatay
Dukh kay lamhay Delet karti

computer-fehler.gif Angry image by cashminer
Mazi ki man chahi Windows
Jab chahay mein Open karti
puterpunch.gif Computer punch image by BannedBuddies
Mustqbil kay tanay banay
Apni chah say kud hi banati
3497.gif Animation greet computer image by vicstar_02
kuwahishon ki hoti File
Jis mein Cut or Copy karti
workingoncomputer.gif computer busy image by Daleen
Jab bhi hota Virus peda
Dunya ko Reformat karti
shakingcomputersmiliegif.gif shaking computer smiley image by joybelle5508
Kushyon kay ragon say taskin
Phekay lamhay ragen karti
computer.gif computer image by goldpaws
:!:Kash Dunya Computer Hoti:!:
Computer.jpg bear. image by KenithaLovesJescony

It's not how much you have
that makes people look up to you,
it's "WHO" you are.

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