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Departed Mother



That’s for sure
That identity of mine is purely pure

I gave my mother everything - my heart and soul
She was my ever thing, I gave her flowers in a bowl
I told, Ma, tell me of anything you lack
She asked instead what can I give you back?
She gave me ‘faith’ ‘my priceless inheritance’
With money one could never buy this substance

Faith kept me strong
All life long
As strong as a man can be
I roamed the earth all life long
Like a tiger fearless and free.

Ma laughed, clapped, said, that is the way it should be
My Ma told me you deserve more than a room
More than a house
More than a palace
As much as my two arms can embrace
With her arms the whole world she could embrace
That is what my inheritance.
Only faith could make it happen
I inherited the world
To make my soul
immensely bold
Shine my mind like gold.

It is peaceful to think
Now Ma is in heaven,
together with God
Who takes care of Ma

Ma said from heaven
Look at your side you will see my shadow
Ma never left because she is dead
May Almighty peacemy mother.s soul in heaven...Ameen

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