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We Need Your Respirator



I need…

and you know what, you

because I gave my missing

your caress and I can not breathe

I just love your words.

I need…

you gave my once again

your lips and give me a drink

… I lack your presence, your caress

so that in dreams, you can see.

I need…

rubbing your skin with mine,

and your sincerity to not go missing.

It is not that the truth hurts

nor open, pause my wounds.

I need…

you breathe in every moment

and make it go on my desamor,

I need that I do lovingly

… and intensely, love…

I need…

contact your passion

to know it's true that I die for you,

deepens in my entrails, because joy,

when your caresses give me solace.

I need your breathing

when I'm with you…

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