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The  Sculptor's  Attitude




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The  Sculptor's  Attitude...


I  woke up early  excited  over all I got to,

do before the clock strikes  midnight.

I  have responsibilities to fulfil  today.

Iam important.

My job  is to choose what kind of day

Iam  going  to have.


Today I can complain because the

weather is rainy or...

I can be thankful that the grass is

getting  watered  for free.


Today  I can feel  sad that I don't

have  more money or..

I  can be glad that my  finances encourage me  to plan my purchases  wisely and guide

me  away from waste.


Today I can grumble  about my

health or...

I can rejoice that Iam alive.


Today I can lament over all that my

parents didn't give me  when I  was

growing up  or...

I can feel grateful  that they allowed

me to be  born.


Today I can cry because roses have

thorns or...

I can celebrate  that thorns have roses.


Today  I can  mourn  my lack of

friend  or...

I can excitedly embark upon a quest

to didcover new relationships.


Today I can whine because I  have to

go  to work  or...

I can shout  for joy because I have a

job to go to.


Today I can complain because  I

have  to do housework  or...

I can  feel  honored because the

Lord has provided  shelter for my mind,

body and soul.


Today  stretches  ahead of me,

waiting to be shaped.

And here Iam, the sculptor who

gets to do the shaping.


What  today will be like is up to me.

I get to choose  what kind of day I will


Have a  GREAT  DAY... unless you

have other plans.


So  My  Friends  Have a  Great  Day


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